Gallery Securities

Gallery Securities is the capital and investment management division of the privately held and vertically integrated Gallery Group, founded in 2011. Gallery Group is a boutique property development and investment company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

With no bureaucracy, we are able to swiftly seek and execute on new opportunities and achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. Our team collaboratively embraces new ideas, while always putting our investor’s interest first. Our belief in alignment of interests is held tightly and demonstrated by our team co-investing alongside our investors in our developments.

We understand the importance of effective operational expertise, significant long-term value creation and performance, and, of course, consistent, and substantial return on investment. We believe it is more than just putting capital to work. As we unlock investment opportunities, we’re also looking for ways to engage and improve the communities where we operate and where our assets are located.

“Our team appreciates that a strong track record, experienced team, alignment of interest, solid forecast returns, and a high conviction investment thesis forms the basis of the ‘hierarchy of needs’ for our investors. We are proud, yet remain humble by our multitude of developments returning in excess of 14%”

Adam Barclay

Gallery Group CEO