Our Approach


Our Approach

We are a rigorous and disciplined value-oriented investment manager. Through our fundamental analysis and thorough understanding of direct real estate markets, we target only strategically appropriate investment opportunities whilst applying a considered institutional approach to investing, guided by several core principles:

Our Core Principles

Alignment of Interest

The fundamental core principle of Gallery Securities is alignment. We believe in full alignment of interest between ourselves and our investors. The Gallery Securities investment management team and the wider Gallery Group executive team all share an alignment of interest when it comes to successful outcomes. We share risk and we share reward with our investors and joint venture partners.

Selective Acquisition

We are continually evaluating and reassessing out target markets to determine the geographies, sectors and investment themes that we believe will produce optimal returns on a risk-adjusted basis, targeting our benchmark 8-10% IRR for our investment partners.

Risk Mitigation

We seek to manage risk though prudent use of leverage, effective capital management, retaining a diversified portfolio of assets and collaborating with specialist partners and advisors for large and complex developments. We also have access to our world class investment committee who undertake rigorous due diligence on all our investments.

Active Asset Management

For every asset, we develop a tailored plan that seeks to maximise its performance, creating potential and unlocking maximum value over the term, prior to an exit.

Disciplined Exit Strategy

We believe that identification of multiple exit strategies prior to each acquisition and continual evaluation of market dynamics, impacting such strategies, are fundamental to realising maximum value for our investors.

Responsible investment

Gallery Securities incorporates the Principles for Responsible Investment and we are committed to incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance issues into our investment analysis and decision-making processes.

Our Investment Process

Gallery Securities invests in high quality real estate development opportunities, well below their intrinsic value in order to unlock long-term value for our investors and industry partners.

Our investment process covers:

  • Market review
  • Preliminary review
  • Due diligence process
  • Independent Investment Committee review
  • Deliberation, negotiation, and decision
  • Management and monitoring investments
  • Divestment decision